SiO2 & DLC Coating
■ Surface Modification Coating : Silica(SiO2) & DLC Coating
Surface modifying technology plays an important role in many fields.
* DLC means Diamond Like Coating

Dry Etching/ Ashing/Sputtering in semiconductor, Cutting tools, Power generation 

1)  Abrasion resistance
2)  Corrosion resistance to HCl, H2SO4 
3)  Electric insulation
4)  Good removability with high productivity
5)  Environment-friendliness
6)  Various materials such as Silica, Cr, Alumina, W, TiZr can be coated with a uniform thickness on a complex 3-dimensional, long and large base material.

Silica(SiO2) Coating
Corrosion resistance test
Test conditions: dipping in HCl solution
Equipment used: 20 A / SUS 316 L piping
Range: all surface
[Cross Section of Silica Coating]

[ DLC(Diamond Like Coating) ]
[ Before ]

[ After (Silica coating) ]